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Prepare for an extraordinary school field trip!

Our program is designed for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12, providing a rich artistic experience guided by skilled instructors. Choose either a seasonal, curriculum-based, or local landscapes & animals themed art project. 

All themes are meticulously crafted to align with your lesson plans and educational objectives, ensuring valuable learning experiences, while having loads of creative fun. We also have 
students engage in sensory play using bins and creative toys that foster holistic development.

At Happimess, equity & accessibility are a top priority, and we make sure to accommodate individual needs to ensure a fun experience for all participants.


Recommended duration is 2+ hours, with the capacity to host groups of up to 48 students at a time.


Transportation on our HappiBus is available!
(Max cap of 24 passengers but we can always do multiple trips)


Group rates starting at $20/child (Min. 15 kids)
Click the button below to book your preferred date and we'll get in touch to customize your ideal art project! 
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Artful Field Trips

Hop On Board!

Experience the excitement of the journey as students embark on a fun-filled trip to our facility. Our transportation services ensure a safe and comfortable ride for all participants.

Unleash Your Creativity!

Dive into the world of art with our engaging projects tailored to ignite imagination and foster artistic expression. Our experienced instructors provide guidance to inspire students to explore their creative potential.

Let Your Senses Soar!

Delight in the joy of sensory play as children engage in hands-on activities designed to stimulate their senses and promote holistic development. Our inclusive environment ensures that every child can participate and thrive.
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