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Colorful Birthday Party


Celebrate in the most fun & colourful way with Happimess!

Discover the perfect setting for your celebration at Happimess Art Studio. From casual public gatherings to private and corporate events, explore our range of party options for a memorable and creative experience.

Packages starting at only $250! NEW! Public Party starting at $75!

Book Your Party

Choose your package, book your date & time, and fill in the form & specify your preferred activity from the suggestions below.

Messy Package
Age 1 - 5 yo

1 hr & 30 Min

  • $ 250

  • 8 Kids Included

  • Sensory Play

Artist Package
Age 4 - 19 yo

1 hr & 30 Min

  • $299

  • 10 Kids Included

  • Activity choices:

    • Polymer Clay​ charms OR

    • Step-by-step Painting OR

    • Acrylic pouring OR

    • Splatter painting

Age 10 - 19 yo

2 hrs

  • $325

  • 12 Kids Included

  • Activity choices:

    • Movie OR

    • Acrylic pouring OR

    • Splatter painting

Adult Party
Age  19+

~ 2 hrs +

  • $55/Person

  • Complimentary Drinks 

  • Activity choices:

    • Splatter Painting

    • Step-by-step Painting

    • Acrylic Pouring

Minimum $275 or 5 guests required

Corporate Party
Age  19+

~ 2 hrs +

  • $55/Person or Group rate

  • Complimentary Drinks 

  • Activity choices:

    • Splatter Painting

    • Step-by-step Painting

    • Acrylic Pouring

*All kids' party packages include:

  • All materials needed, tables & chairs, table cloths, cutlery & plates. 

  • 15 Min of set-up time

* Additional guests $12/guest (with a max of 25 kids)

* Add 30 Min for $50

YES! Feel free to bring cake, snacks, themed decorations, and balloons. Dress for a mess! Extend the party with extra time at $50 per 30 minutes, add an activity for $75, or invite more guests at $12 per guest! Check out our FAQ section for more details on common party questions.


Life happens! Read our Cancellation Policies Here


HUGE shout out to Happimess!! I highly recommend booking your l.o's next bday there! They are in a new space and it's super roomy. My anxiety was so high but they were so amazing and accommodating. It's worth every penny! The kids are excited for their paintings to dry, they all look so colourful and great!

Birthday kit.png

Party in a box

Have an Arty Party at home with our Acrylic Pour kit! Kit includes everything you need to create a magical pour experience at home! Perfect for quality time or birthday celebrations!

Party FAQs: Because even the cake has questions!

Q: Can I bring food and snacks to the party?

A: You can bring any food/snacks for your party and/or have them delivered. We have a microwave and a fridge at your disposal. Happimess is not an allergen-free facility but please be mindful of any severe allergies that your guests may have.

Q: Do I need to bring my own decorations to the party?

A: We provide generic decoration with custom coloured table covers and generic "Happy Birthday" banners but you are more than welcome to bring your own. 

Q: What is the party schedule like

A: You can arrive up to 15 min before your party to set up your food and décor. We then let your guests settle in by playing and drawing for 15 min before we start the activity which usually takes about 45min. Then everyone can wash up and enjoy snacks and cake, during that time we tidy up for opening presents or more play/dance time. 

Q: How messy does it get?

A: This all depends on the activity you choose and how messy your guests want to get! We advise that you let your guests know to wear messy or old clothes regardless.

Q: Is there somewhere the kids can wash up?

A: Our space is equipped with a pretty deep sink and a showerhead so everyone can get somewhat clean - we don't allow washing of feet as it can be very slippery but they can wipe them off with towels or paper towels

Q: Do paints wash off?

A: The short answer is no! All our paints are non-toxic and kid-friendly but even tempera paints can stain white clothes. Acrylic paints DO NOT wash off so please advise your guests accordingly of your choice of activity!

Q: I don't know what activity to pick!

A: Don't worry, it is a hard choice! Go ahead and book your date and then give us a call and we will help you decide!

Q: Package says it includes 8 or 10 kids can I invite more guests?

While our packages include 8 or 10 kids, you can definitely invite more guests! Additional kids are welcome at $12 per extra guest, with a maximum limit of 25 guests to ensure everyone has a blast.

Q: Can we do more than one activity?

Yes, you can definitely add more than one activity! Each extra activity is $75, and if it requires additional time, there's an extra $50 charge for an additional 30 minutes to ensure you have ample time for all the fun. Please mention it in the comment section when you book.

Q: Can I add more time?

Of course! You can add an extra 30 minutes for just $50 to keep the celebration going. Let us know in the comment section when you book if you'd like to extend the fun and we will make sure to add it in! You will get a confirmation email of the added time.

If you didn't find your answer contact us: or call or text 6048373890

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