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Art Kits
Discover the joy of creating art from the comfort of your home with our brand new art kits! Each kit includes everything you need to create a stress-free masterpiece, from step-by-step video tutorials to the perfect color combinations. Order now and unleash your creativity - no additional materials required!

Pour Prep & Video Tutorials

1. Prep your workspace

Make sure your surface is level and cover it with the disposable table cloth. Paints do not wash off! Paint takes 24hrs to dry and it’s best not to move the painting while it’s drying.

2. Prep your canvas

Use push pins on the back corners of your canvas to raise it up. This will allow paint to flow off to the sides and not let the canvas stick to the surface. Make sure the pins are secure and won’t fall off.

3. Prep your paint

Pour each colour in it’s own separate small cup.

 For each 8”x10” canvas use half of each colour. For a 12”x16” canvas use 3/4 of each colour.   

4. Mix your paint

Mix paints with the pouring medium. Ratio 1:1. Add as much medium as you did paint to each cup and stir with the craft stick till the paint is well mixed and has a fluid consistency.

5. Pick Your Technique (watch videos before starting)

Direct Pour (Beach)

For the beach scene keeping your paints separate, pour directly onto canvas. Start with the sand and then lighter to darker blues in a pattern. Tilt canvas carefully to cover all spaces. Add white in thin lines and blow them towards the beach to create waves!

Puddle Pour 

Pour a single colour in a line at the top and bottom edges of your canvas. Pour individual colour mixtures directly onto the middle of your canvas, layering them on top of each other in one or two puddles. Tilt canvas from side to side to move paint and cover the entire surface.

Dirty Pour (Ideal for kids)

After mixing the paints separately, pour all the colours into the large cup. Hold cup up, place canvas face down over cup and flip! Place canvas carefully down then lift cup and tilt slowly to cover the entire surface.

Sunset Pour

Create a fantastic acrylic pour art choose your landscape, stencil it on and you'll want to immediately hang on your wall.


Spiral Pour

After mixing the paints separately, pour the colours in the big cup, and remember first colour in is the last colour out. Pour out your paint in a circular motion (like you are beating an egg) in the middle of the canvas. Cover your canvas moving the paint in a circular motion and watch the colours spread in a magical pattern of rings . 

String Art

Cover your canvas with a thin layer of the white paint. Cut the string in pairs for feathers and as many as you want for flowers. For flowers cut the strings as long as your canvas. Pour your coloured paints on the strings. Place the string in a zig-zag on the canvas with the top of the zig-zag being about twice the size of the bottom part. Make sure the end is on the smaller side hanging off the canvas a small amount then pull! For the feathers place the strings in pairs and drag up in a U shape.

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