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Our beautiful 1000 sqf space has 14ft high ceilings and large windows, providing natural light all day long. Located directly under the clock tower in Eagle Wind, our space is walking distance from downtown Squamish and easily accessed by public transportation. There are two reserved parking stalls in front and a parking lot across the street, making it an ideal location for your upcoming events, workshops or classes.


We're always open to new ideas for the use of our space. It's ideal for photo shoots, massage, consulting, counselling, movement, yoga, auditions, small group classes, group or individual art therapy sessions, events and workshops. 

Our 1000 sqf space includes:

  • 550 sqf closed room with yoga mats flooring

  • 450 sqf reception area with comfortable couches and coffee table 

  • Wheelchair accessibility 

  • Complimentary WiFi

  • Wheelchair accessible washroom

  • 3 2'x4' folding tables with adjustable height

  • Foldable chairs 

  • Toddler chairs

  • Privacy screen

  • Heating and air condition

  • White board, blackboard and paper walls, perfect for presentations

  • Childcare for your guests can be arranged at an additional cost

20-30 people 
Approx 8-10 for yoga/movement per room
Approx 10-15 for other classes per room (eg. children's music, language)

Hourly rate for group events: $45 +GST (min 2 Hour)

Hourly rate for 1on1 sessions: $25 +GST (min 4 Bookings)

(Multiple sessions and camp rates available upon request.)

Space is subject to availability and our approval process. If you are holding an event at Happimess, note that we abide by a policy in which amplified sound (voice or music) or loud performances that might be heard outside the building may not begin before 7:30 a.m. nor extend past 10:00 p.m. This policy is non-negotiable.
Book the space TODAY! 

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