Shantala Baby Massage


Shantala™ Baby Massage -  3 Sessions - 90 Min/session

Mondays 11:30am - 1:00pm - Feb 11th - 25th 

3 weeks up until 6 months

By Mieke van Eerdt  -  Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences & trained Sensory Development educator

About Shantala™ Baby Massage

The Shantala™ baby and child massage technique is a well-respected ancient massage technique, from which most other infant massage methods have developed. Defined by its simplicity and mesmerizing rhythmic movements it is relaxing, enhances a baby or child's sense of security, their sleep patterns as well as their immune-systems. It also promotes a healthy bonding process, and helps with self-regulation.

As a technique that was passed down from mother to daughter for centuries, Shantala™ Massage is something that each parent can do. It is an easy to learn routine that one can perform without any knowledge of the body’s more specific anatomy. The technique is without any manipulation and/or muscle work, just a series of gentle, relaxing, rhythmic strokes.
One could define the Shantala™ Massage technique as a natural way of touching and relating to one’s baby.  It is effective for children that naturally love to be touched, but also for babies and children that have difficulties accepting touch. Being touched and massaged is a basic need for our babies; it is relaxing, it enhances their sense of security, their sleep patterns as well as their immune systems.

It also helps with tummy troubles and promotes a healthy bonding process.

Babies will benefit from Shantala™ Baby Massage from newborn till toddler.


The Shantala™ Advantage

For the baby or child:

  •  They sleep better and more regularly.
  •  Improved digestion.
  •  Children are more calm, feeling more secure.
  •  Better awareness of their boundaries.
  •  Babies and children are better able to self-regulate.
  •  Improved processing of their daily impressions.
  •  Enhanced bonding between baby and you.
  •  Boosted immune system.


For the parent/caregiver:

  •  Greater self-esteem and self-confidence in general, but also in handling your baby or child.
  •  Less baby blues.
  •  Enhanced bonding between you and your baby/child.
  •  Improvement of the senses in general.
  •  Improvement of your intuition - an even better understanding of your baby's/child's needs.


You Will Learn (full course)

  • The traditional technique of SHANTALA™ Baby Massage and all its options and variations including:
  •  Alternatives for when your baby is touch defensive.
  •  Developmentally beneficial baby yoga-exercises.
  •  Reflexology for baby's feet (colic, gas, constipation, teething).
  •  Which massage oils should you use on babies and why. A variety of oils will be sampled throughout the course.
  •  Which essential oils are safe to use on babies.
  •  You will learn about a more supporting way to pick up and hold your baby ("base-affirmative")
  •  Learn about baby's hand language.
  •  Different swaddling options; why, when and how.
  •  The babies will have a relaxing TummyTub® bath after each massage.
  •  Get lots of additional tips and information.
  •  A complete and comprehensive manual.