Getting Ready For Kindergarten

Getting Ready For Kindergarten


Getting Ready For Kindergarten - Saturday May 12th 1pm - 4pm

By Tara-Leigh Cain  -  Registered Occupational Therapist

Kindergarten is the start of your child’s formal education journey, and their first school experiences can impact how they relate to others in the future. Children at this stage need to feel successful to build their self-esteem, comfort, and motivation in the classroom. You need to be sure that your child is developmentally ready to learn and participate with their peers at school.

We will help you determine your child readiness to learn and look at how they move through their developmental milestones. Our experts will show you how to reach these milestones in a fun and practical way. We focus on fine motor skills such as upper extremity strength, hand arch development, bilateral coordination, visual motor integration, crossing midline and visual perceptual skills.  All of these skills play a role in the development of one of the foundations of academics: printing. They also allow independence and success in self-help skills.

In 2014, UBC conducted a study that was compiled with results from kindergarten teachers across BC and it showed that 30% of children did not have the skills to succeed. Here in Squamish, Vancouver Coastal Health also resonated the same concern that our children had a 30% increase in vulnerability which included physical health (fine motor, gross motor, independence and self-help skills), social competence, emotional maturity, language and cognitive delay and communication skills.

Let’s work together to make sure our kids are ready for Kindergarten! Your child is old enough to start kindergarten — but is he or she ready? Recognize the factors that might affect your child's kindergarten readiness and what you can do to help them succeed in school.