Write Dance II

Write Dance II


Write Dance II - Tuesdays June 5th - June 26th | 3:45 -4:45pm

By Mieke van Eerdt  -  Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences

Write Dance is an innovative approach that incorporates music and dance for children to further develop their handwriting skills. This combination of rhythmic and melodic music with specific movement help children refine and develop their drawings to achieve fluent letter strings. It also builds self-confidence and improves other physical skills including balance, coordination, flexibility, and stamina.

Everything is right! The program is all about your child’s individual expression and not about their pace of learning and writing style. The nature of the program takes away the stress of ‘having to be right’ and this pressure relief of course builds your child’s motivation, confidence, and self-esteem to keep furthering their fine motor skills. Children with special education needs, learning difficulties, and dyspraxia will benefit greatly with this program.

Write dance can be either upbeat or peaceful. A session could be incredibly upbeat and creative with engaging sensorial materials, or a time to regroup and do imagination exercises where children close their eyes and listen to the sounds of calming music, or somewhere in-between.  

Write Dance has been translated into seven languages and programs are run in several countries around the world - we are incredibly fortunate to be one of the first to feature it in Canada. In the last few years Mieke has brought Write Dance into the classrooms at Garibaldi Highlands Elementary and has achieved brilliant results. Mieke has worked extensively with the Write Dance program founder, Ragnhilde Oussoren, and has her full support to teach her method in Canada.