Week 6 | Fashion & Costume design Aug 6th-9th

Week 6 | Fashion & Costume design Aug 6th-9th


Welcome to Fashion & Costume Design Summer Camp. Please print & read the PDF handbook and fill out the measurement chart before the start of camp. Practice tracing or sketching the fashion model template and start letting your creative imagination flow. 


Through this camp, Dalia Shehata, Bsc. of Fine arts Costume and set design, will guide you through designing a costume, mask, and face paint for one of the characters of “Alice in Wonderland." Afterwards we will choose and sew a skirt for ourselves and hack & paint a T-shirt to complete our fashionable outfit!


Day 1 9am-3pm: Watch the 2010 Tim Burton live-action movie “Alice in Wonderland”. Discuss the characters of the movie. Choose a character to design and start sketching out ideas.


Day 2 9am-3pm: Bring our ideas to life; Paint our costume design in acrylics on canvas, design and put together our masks using different materials, work in pairs and apply professional facepaint in our unique original designs.


Day 3 9am-3pm: Trace the skirt’s sewing pattern and cut it from our preferred material, hand sew it and adjust it, take turns on the sewing machine to finalize our skirt.


Day 4 9am-4pm: Manipulate and hack a t-shirt to creata a unique and original piece and then paint a design on it using fabric paint. 


Each day we will spend time outside having picnic lunches, walking downtown and buying any materials needed from the Dollar Tree or Pearl’s Vintage store, going through clothing shops for inspiration and maybe having an ice cream treat one day.