We’ve all heard the adage “there’s no instruction manual on how to be a parent” but we all could use some help and guidance from time to time. Our workshops are conducted by local experts, with a wealth of experience, who have crafted their courses to give you a clear understanding of why things can go wrong and what to do about them.


Discover insights into how children feel, think, and understand our communication with them and that may help improve relationships. Learn a range of tried and tested skills for preventing and managing difficult behaviour, healthy and lasting ways to engender self-esteem, motivating children to be their best, and creating an environment in which not only the child but the whole family flourishes. 

* Our workshops are conducted in a small group setting and all your specific questions will be addressed.


Getting Ready for Kindergarten - Determine your child's readiness for the start of their formal education journey, learn about developmental milestones, and help  build self-esteem and motivation Saturday June 23rd- Book Now

Actually Get Sleep Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together, and we have the one of the most highly trained sleep doctor in the world to help you and/or your family develop a love for sleep.(Coming again soon!)

Write Dance - We are proud to be the first to introduce this groundbreaking program in Canada that incorporates music and dance to help develop your child's fine motor skills. Book Now

Shantala Baby MassageLearn the ancient child massage technique is a natural way of touching and relating with your baby. Book Now


Positively Parenting The Challenging Behaviours Positive Discipline, Dealing with the Specifics (nagging, whining, backtalk, tantrums), and Family Dynamics.(Coming again soon!)

When it’s more than just challengingA look into Diverse Needs; ADHD, Anxiety, Autism. (Coming again soon!)


Positively Parenting The Challenging Behaviours - By Allison Green MC RCC.
(Coming again soon!)

Behavioural problems are too often misunderstood and can lead to stressful situations for both child and parent. This workshop explains how parents, teachers, and others who care for children can help to make positive changes through knowledge, change in mindset and the implementation of effective strategies and techniques.

You will learn the importance of children’s innate emotional and psychological needs to give you a better understanding of the reasons behind some of the difficult emotions. You will also gain a range of tried and tested skills for preventing, as well as managing, difficult behaviour - including how to prevent and de-escalate anger outbursts – and to do them healthily without alienating the child and lasting ways to engender self-esteem in children.

Session 1:

Exploring the developing brain

What is positive discipline and other discipline styles

Who’s the Boss? Dealing with power struggles


Session 2:

Dealing with challenging behaviour including; whining, backtalk, aggressive behaviour/tantrums, and nagging/negotiating


Session 3:

Family Dynamics – sibling rivalry, only children, and blended families


When It’s More Than Challenging By Allison Green MC RCC.

(Coming again soon!)

Learn to survive and thrive when raising kids with diverse needs. Our workshop will provide the resources, parenting strategies, insights required to succeed at this special parenthood, and help your child thrive. We understand that feeling of frustration and stress when you try to be a positive force in your child’s life but you’re not feeling you are being effective. 

You will learn parenting approaches and strategies that are effective for raising happier, more successful kids who happen to have diverse needs – including anxiety, ADHD and autism. You will also discover the ins and outs of emotional regulation and build a toolbox for your children who experience big worries and/or big anger.

Session 1:

Dealing with the diagnosis

Effective parenting strategies and approaches

Session 2:

Understanding ADHD, Anxiety, Autism

How to parent so your child thrives


Session 3:

Working on emotional regulation

Build and customize a "calm down" toolbox