Actually get sleep - 

By Dr. Victor Javeri, PhD, RPSGT, CSE

Sleep is the cornerstone of parenthood. About one in ten parents think their child has a sleep problem, characterized by such symptoms as the child not getting enough sleep, taking too long to fall asleep, waking up during the night, appearing sleepy or overtired during the day, and/or snoring.  However, in contrast, 69% of all children experience one or more sleep-related problems at least a few nights a week.


The sleep habits of children have a direct impact on the adults caring for them.  Parents whose children get the least amount of sleep are twice as likely to say they sleep less than six hours a night.  On average, parents lose slightly more than a half-hour of sleep each night because their child awakens them during the night. Parents of infants lose the most sleep—nearly an hour on a typical night."


We want your children to love sleep.  We aim to do more than just fix the immediate problem by looking at all the things that may be negatively impacting their sleep. You will learn all you need to know about good sleep habits as it’s never too late for children, and adults alike, to develop a love of sleep. We will give you a clear plan and a positive-centered approach to instill a sense of pride in children and encourage you along the way – and all your questions will be answered.

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2hr Session $40