We mess around....

    This type of play helps build nerve connections in the brain, which in turn help children complete more complex learning tasks, supports language development and cognitive growth. aids in developing and enhancing memory, calming an anxious or frustrated child. It also prompts children to think creatively in order to solve problems or engage in make-believe and helps them express their creativity and build self-esteem. We have modelled ourselves after very successful international businesses while Happimess is the first of it’s kind in Canada.


    Because hypersensitivity plays such an important role in the psychology of a fussy eater, it is also the best strategy to reduce food fussiness through "sensory exposure". This is where a child engages with food, without the purpose of eating it. They should touch and play with it in an "messy play" set-up. 

   In our art classes we believe art is a process of creative exploration that starts at an early age. Happimess is a safe haven for kids to explore art and learn in their own unique creative way. Unique creativity is the core essence of art and what we will strive to achieve at Happimess. 

Drop-in anytime and stay as long as you like: $12 

$55/5 Punch Card

$100/10 Punch Card

Our Punch Cards Offer You:

  • Cheaper drop-in rates

  • Siblings under 1 free any day

  • ​2 for 1 siblings on Thursdays & Fridays

  • Drop-off child minding anytime for 1 punch/hour

  • No expiration and can be used by friends and family.

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Mon 10am - 3pm BABY DAY

Tues  10am - 3pm TODDLER DAY

Wed 10am - 3pm Whistler discount

Thur*10am - 5pm

Fri*   10am - 5pm

Thurs & Fri: 2 for 1 Siblings Exclusive offer for Punch card holders

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