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Birthdays now look different than what we are used to. To add a little fun back into birthday parties we have adapted our packages and only offer birthday options that would enable social distancing.

We have parties for any age! Packages starting at only $199!

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*All packages include all materials needed, tables & chairs, table cloths, cutlery, plates & cups. 

We’ve provided the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our Birthday Parties

Babies & Little kids

Duration: 1.5hrs +15 min setup time

Price: $199

Activities: Creative Painting, Balloon Pop Art, Paint Fight, or Step-by-step Painting 

Maximum 6 kids and 2 accompanying adults (exceptions for siblings can be arranged.)

Big Kids & teens

Duration: 1.5hrs +15 min setup time

Price: $245

Activities*:  Balloon Pop Art, Mural Painting, Splatter Painting, Paint Fight, Acrylic Pouring, Polymer Clay Charms or Step-by-step Painting.

Maximum 8 guests (exceptions for siblings can be arranged.)

*ALL activities can GLOW after dark!


Duration: 2hrs

Price: $50/Guest*

Activities: Splatter Painting, Acrylic Pouring, or Step-by-step Painting.

Maximum of 4 "bubbles" 

Maximum of 8 guests to maintain social distancing between "bubbles"

*Minimum 5 Guests or $250/event

Activities are designed to fit every age and what they enjoy most - only our imagination is the limit.

Below are just a few examples of activities we do best...

 Creative painting:   

Suggested age: 1+

Choose between a mural painting, spray painting, squeegee art, splatter, swatting or painting with cars along with hands, feet and hearts! Create masterpieces on kraft paper laid on the floor for babies or hung on the wall for older kids and teenagers.

 Step-by-step painting:   

Suggested age: 6+

Choose between canvas or faux stained glass, and pick a theme for your kid's masterpieces and we will guide them step-by-step on how to paint it. A perfect activity at Happimess or in your own home! All the materials are provided.

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Acrylic Pouring:

Suggested age: 4+

Everyone is an artsist with this low stress for of modern art, we will help the kids mix their preffered colours to an ideal pouring consistency and let them pour and play around with this fluid art! All the materials are provided. *Paintings need to dry for 24hrs 

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Sensational Hunt

Suggested age: 1+

Edible sensory exploration for babies or a themed scavenger's hunt for older kids where they get to dig out clues or items from different sensory bins.

Polymer clay bracelets/keychains   

Suggested age: 5+

Not our messiest activity but why not sit and sculpt? We will teach the kids how to turn their favourite characters/animals into 3d mini sculptures that keep forever as jewelry or keychains. Just pick a theme and we will come up with the designs. 

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Water balloon art:   

Suggested age: 3+

Pop some paint filled balloons for some artsy splatter fun and an awesome photo-op! 

Messy Twister:   

Suggested age: 3+

Using coloured shaving cream or straight up paint for the messiest funniest twister game ever.

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Paint fight:   

Suggested age: 5+

Two teams compete at capturing the flag from the opposing team while avoiding being shot with paint. Each team gets one Holi powder bomb, so use it wisely! We recommend wearing white t-shirts to show the full effect of colourful war.

Facepaint add-on 

Suggested age: 2+

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Available with Tween & Teen package

Suggested age: If your bedtime allows!

Painted faces, painted walls, painted shirts and it all glows under black light! Paint a mural or turn it to a dance party, a splatter party or messy twister.

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Samples of our customized decorations, loot bags & pinatas
Q: Can I bring food and snacks to the party?

A: You can bring any food/snacks for your party as well as have them delivered. We have a microwave and a fridge at your disposal. Happimess is not an allergen-free facility but please be mindful of any severe allergies that your guests may have.

Q: Do I need to bring my own decorations to the party?

A: We provide generic decoration with custom coloured table covers and generic "Happy Birthday" banners but you are more than welcome to bring your own. We highly recommend Party Perfect Decor for all your balloon and custom made decorations

Q: What is the party schedule like

A: You can arrive up to 15 min before your party to set up your food and decor. We then let your guests settle in by playing and drawing in our messy room for 15 min before we start the activity which usually takes about 45min. Then everyone can wash up and enjoy snacks and cake, during that time we tidy up the messy room for opening presents or more play/dance time. 

Q: How messy does it get?

A: This all depends on the activity you choose and how messy your guests want to get! We advise that you let your guests know to wear messy or old clothes regardless, for paint fights, balloon popping, and creative painting we advise bringing a change of clothes and some towels.

Q: Is there somewhere the kids can wash up?

A: Our bathroom is equipped with a pretty deep sink and a showerhead so everyone can get somewhat clean - we don't allow washing of feet as it can be very slippery but they can wipe them off with towels or paper towels

Q: Do paints wash off?

A: The short answer is no! All our paints are non-toxic and kid-friendly but even tempera paints can stain white clothes. Acrylic paints DO NOT wash off so please advise your guests accordingly of your choice of activity!

Q: I don't know what activity to pick!

A: Don't worry, it is a hard choice! Go ahead and book your date and then give us a call and we will help you decide!

If you didn't find your answer contact us: or call us 6048373890