First time registration fee

Monthly Payment

To make your life easy we accept several forms of payment.

Please follow the steps below

  1. Register for the month online

  2. Choose your preferred form of payment: Online or Offline

  3. If you choose an offline method please make the payment with 1 of the following options:

    • E-transfer to

    • Pay over the phone call 7789700383 during business hours

    • Pay via Debit/Credit in person at pick-up or during business hours

    • Post-dated cheques: make payable to Happimess Art Studio

Change of Schedule/Cancellation Notice:

We ask that families provide 1 month's notice (via email) to cancel completely from the program. The effective date is always the first of the next month, 1 month from the date notice is given. We ask that families provide 2 weeks notice (via email) of any change in their child's schedule.

All families will provide postdated cheques for 10 months for the 1st of every month and made payable to Happimess Art Studio. Program fees are reviewed yearly with a three months notice provided for any fee increases.

After-school Monthly Membership